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KiszonkarskaThe foil ensures a proper temperature necessary for ensiling process. Foil covering efficiently prevents from air and water access and volatility of carbon dioxide acting as silage preservative. Due to application of black and white foil it is possible to obtain the efficiency improvement. The white layer is for reflection of sunlight and temperature reduction, black layer is to keep proper temperature inside of prism.

Application – covering of prisms formed from properly fragmented corn, grasses, beetroot leaves destined for ensilages used for animal feeding. The main aim of this foil application is to limit air and light access, for proper course of ensiling process and to decrease the risk of dirt contamination and influence of unfavourable weather conditions

Foil colour Width [m] Beam length [lm] Roll length [m] Tension at maximum tensile strength [MPa]
black/ black and white 6 25; 33 1,5 ≥15
black/ black and white 8 25; 33 2,0
black/ black and white 10 25; 33 2,5
black/ black and white 12 25; 33 3,0