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AGRO-PARK agricultural fair Has been conducted In Lublin from 5th to 6th of March. The exhibitions were provided by the national top producers and distributors as well as regional sellers. The agricultural fairs are extremely important event for every region and are very popular among exhibitors and wide audience, mainly farmers and gardeners. WRTER Sp. z o.o. was also a support for our long-term Customer – ART-FOL S. C. Piotr Szymanek, Małgorzata Janusek with its registered office at 21-300 Konopnica 159A next to LUBLIN. Our Company Has been cooperating with ART. FOL for several years, by producing and delivering gardening and agricultural foils. Thanks to our Partner those products are more and more recognized In the regional market. We kindly thank for the invitation to fair and we hope for fruitful cooperation !

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