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PN-EN 13984:201
Type A – The product used for controlling vapour permeability
DIFOL is a flexible product made of plastics, used for controlling vapour permeability through walls, floors or roofs. DIFOL vapour barrier foil is intended for drywalls as a layer controlling through walls, floors and roofs.
To ensure the efficiency of thermal insulation and durability of wooden structures it is necessary to provide protection against dampness. DIFOL vapour barrier foil is designed to make partitions controlling permeability of vapour from rooms into cavities in roofs, ceilings or walls.
DIFOL shall be installed inside the room. Each foil band shall be laid in parallel – with a 10 cm margin and connected with each other, what guarantees tightness. The bands are directly fixed to the principal or truss with staples or nails. The foil may directly contact with thermal isolation, though it is recommended to leave a space between the foil and the installation (e.g. made of cardboard plaster panel). It is also recommended to use washer or clamping strips. To ensure a proper humidity within rooms, with limited vapour permeability through cavities, it is necessary to provide sufficient gravity ventilation.

Available documents:
•  Declaration of Performance
•  Information Technical Card