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Izo-fundamentPN-EN 14909:2012
Type A – The product used for horizontal damp-proofing isolation

It is a black textured foil made of low density polyethylene, intended for horizontal damp-proofing isolation for walls, foundations and building walls. It protects against capillary action – it prevents from water capillary action and leaves it in lower levels of foundations.

IZO-foundation strip main advantages are:
•  resistance to humidity, thanks to which the wall is perfectly safe from the humidity from the ground;
•  it does not influenced by decomposition process – it is permanently resistant to decay;
•  high chemical resistance – it is resistant to alkaline environment;
•  easy application – the foil is laid in single layers on the previously aligned concrete layer with the thickness that allows to create the horizontal surface without any inequality;
•  double-sided embossing allow foil movement in the concrete;
•  resistant to high temperature;
•  Increased thermal isolation.