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The protection of environment and as a consequence construction of modern waste disposal facility is one of the major priorities of European Union. Creating such facilities, together with modern roads and highways is the key proof of improving the technological ideas, engineering and development.

We would like to introduce to you products, which due to their technical specifications, highest quality, resistance and versatility, are recognized for many years among national and foreign investors, designers and contractors that conduct projects connected with the environmental protection (rubbish dump sites, various types of waste and by-products reclamation sites, liquid waste tanks, manure tanks, etc.), constructions and hydro-technical infrastructure (sealants preventing water filtration through escarpments and water basin floors, channels, earth dams, etc.), and also lately – widely – in the scope of road, car park and fuel station constructions. Our offer covers two types of geosynthetic polymer barriers GBR-P (geomembranes).

  • HDPE GEOCHRON geomembrane
  • LLDPE geomembrane

The application of geomembranes of WARTER Polymers production resulting from harmonized technical specifications:

Application Technical specification
Tunnel and underground constructions

PN-EN 13491:2006

PN-EN 13491:2006/A1:2007

Construction of liquid waste disposal sites, indirect stations or secondary protecting covers

PN-EN 13492:2006

PN-EN 13492:2006/A1:2007

Construction of temporary storage facilities and solid waste storage facilities PN-EN 13493:2007
Construction of water reservoirs and dams

PN-EN 13361:2006

PN-EN 13361:2006/A1:2007

Channel constructions PN-EN 13362:2007
Transport infrastructure PN-EN 15382:2013-10

We hope that this general information regarding our geosynthetic barrier, its reliability and multiple applications, will result in future fruitful cooperation for both of our companies.