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Warter Polymers Sp. z o.o. is a well established brand on the market. The Company has been delivering high quality construction foils and other for 40 years. Our laboratory conducts works regarding constant control over the quality of produced products as well as control of materials.

Trying to meet your expectations we invite you for cooperation in the scope of analyses. Our laboratory is equipped with high quality apparatus and wide scope of European and American standards. Technological news, internal and external control system like also knowledge and experience of our employees constantly improve our services.

We provide services within physic-chemical and resistant tests of material and products made of plastics.

Laboratory services
1. Width
EN 1848-2 Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Determination of length, width and straightness – Part 2: Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing.

2. Thickness
EN 1849-2 Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Determination of thickness and mass per unit area  – Part 2: Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing.
PN-ISO 4593 Plastics — Film and sheeting — Determination of thickness by mechanical scanning
ASTM D 5199 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Nominal Thickness of Geosynthetics
ASTM D 5994 Standard Test Method for Measuring Core Thickness of Textured Geomembranes

GrubośćDial sensor with digital display Sylvac of Swiss production.

3. Mass per unit area
EN 1849-2 Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Determination of thickness and mass per unit area  – Part 2: Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing

4. Mechanical properties at tensile strength
Tensile strength and elongation at break
EN ISO 527-1 Plastics — Determination of tensile properties — General principles
EN ISO 527-3 Plastics — Determination of tensile properties — Test conditions for films and sheets
EN 12311-2 Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Determination of tensile properties — Part 2: Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing
ASTM D 6693 Standard Test Method for Determining Tensile Properties of Nonreinforced Polyethylene and Nonreinforced Flexible Polypropylene Geomembranes
Tear Resistance
EN 12310-1 Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Part 1: Bitumen sheets for waterproofing — Determionation of resistance to tearing (nail shank)
ISO 34-1 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Determination of tear strength — Part 1: Trouser, angle and crescent test pieces
ASTM D 1004 Standard Test Method for Initial Tear Resistance of Plastic Film and Sheeting
Joint strength
EN 12317-2 Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Determination of shear resistance of joints – Part 2: Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing


Apparatus: INSTRON 4466 – head 500N and INSTRON 5967 – head 30kN

Wycinanie próbek

Press CEAST with cuttings

5. Puncture Resistance
Index Puncture Resistance
EN ISO 12236 Geosynthetics — Static puncture test (CBR test)
ASTM D 4833 Standard Test Method for Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes and Related Products

CBRPuncture Resistance with CBR metod on INSTRON 5967machine

6. Melt Flow Rate
EN ISO 1133-1 Plastics — Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics — Part 1: Standard method

Wskaźnik szybkości płynięcia

The Hanatek Melt Flow Indexer

7. Humidity

Zawartość wilgoci

Moisture Analyzer MAC 50/NH – Radwag

8. Oxidation Induction Time
ASTM D 3895 Standard Test Method for Oxidative-Induction Time of Polyolefins by Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Czas indukcji utleniania

Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC – TA Instruments

9. Durability and resistance for oxidation, weathering conditions resistance and environmental stress crack resistance
EN 12224 Geotextiles and geotextile – related products — Determination of the resistance to weathering
EN 1296 Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Bitumen, plastic and rubber sheets for roofing — Method of artificial ageing by long term exposure to elevated temperature

EN ISO 4892-2 Plastics — Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources — Part 2: Xenon-arc lamps

Przyspieszone starzenie

Accelerated Weathering Tester – Q-Lab

10. Oxidation
EN 14575 Geosynthetic barriers — Screening test method for determining the resistance to oxidation

Piec z wymuszonym obiegiem powietrza Memmert

Oven ageing with forced air circulator Memmert

11. Carbon Black Content
ASTM D 1603 Standard Test Method for Carbon Black Content in Olefin Plastics

Zawartośc sadzyThermogravimetric analyzer TGA

12. Tear Resistance by Elmendorf method

EN ISO 6383-2 Plastics — Film and sheeting — Determination of tear resistance — Part 2: Elmendorf method

13. Heat shrink of foil

TermokurczliwośćOil bath

14. Density determination – immersion method

EN ISO 1183 Plastics — Methods for determining the density of non-cellular plastics — Part 1: Immersion method, liquid pyknometer method and titration method

GęstośćRadwag analytical measure with a tool for density determination with an immersion method

24th May 2018, Warsaw

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